I'm a Brisbane-based photographer, videographer and graphic designer. I was born in The Philippines, growing up in New Zealand from the age of 6 before my family finally settled in the almost-too-sunny sunshine state of Queensland, Australia.

I've loved art since I was young, spending a lot of my early days drawing. I picked up a camera when I was 13 and I've never really put it down since. I'm completely self-taught but I'll forever be a student, growing with the camera that shows me new things every day.

I am strongly influenced by my love for nature & wildlife, and my interest in people & society. One day I hope to travel the world, photographing the unique stories of complete strangers, and to document stories of environmental conservation—think Sir David Attenborough.

I love capturing tiny details; finding beauty in simple, everyday things; meeting like-minded people; Instagram; quality over quantity; and being part of a generation that can inspire change.

I am mostly seen with the camera glued to my face, but I can also be found spending time with Martin and my familyin the garden; going for a morning walk by the bayside or on the mat; being really neat; touching random objects because I think I'll like their texture or planning for exciting things to come.

Apart from my photography & videography adventures, I am also a designer at Brisbane creative agency Flip, and I regularly exhibit work with the ladies of the We Heart Collective.

Collaboration & Creative Projects

I love collaborating with fellow creatives and passionate people, taking their pictures and sharing their story through photos & film. If you have an upcoming project or event you'd like to document in a creative way, please get in touch: hello[at]camille-nathania.com

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